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Synonymous is a grammar based word matching game. You are presented with a word, and you have to select the correctly related word from a list of choices. The aim is to get the most points within the time limit.The choice of grammar determines the relationship between the word you're presented with and the list of words to choose from. There are 3 different options to choose from: Synonym, Antonym, or Anagram.
Three levels of difficulty allow you to unlock more words and tailor the game to your skill level. You can also test out your knowledge with multiple languages: English, Spanish, and Portuguese.
See how you compare to your friends and others with the 25+ leaderboards and achievements. Detailed statistics are also provided to help you track your progress.
We’ve included a help section in the app, just in case you’d like some extra information or guidance. If you’ve got any further enquires, or would just like to keep informed of what’s coming up, you can find and contact the developers at:
Twitter: http://blog.zeityer.comWebsite: http://www.zeityer.comEmail:
Please note, in order to help the developers continue to improve and maintain this application, advertising has been included. If you’d like to remove ads you can do so easily with a small once-off purchase in the app.